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Hourly - Decorating or Takedown

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Decorating:

    This package is tailored for clients who wish to use their existing indoor decorations as a foundation, enabling us to apply our design expertise and vision to elevate their holiday decor. With the assistance of our dedicated design team, this package is perfect for enhancing your holiday decorations.

    1. A team of up to 3 designers and installers available for a duration of up to 4 hours. (additional fee of $350 will be charge for each extra hour).
    2. We will supply essential tools and materials such as hooks and wire for the installations.
    3. We include up to 30 yards of ribbon to add bows to your existing decorations.
    4. We don't install client's used lights since we cannot guarantee the quality, and we don't fix non-working lights. Please be aware that paying us for troubleshooting and untangling lights may not be cost-effective. We will install new lights provided by the client or we will provide 1000 lights for an additional $250.00.


    1. A design team of 3 for up to 4 hours. (additional fee of $350 will be charge for each extra hour)
    2. We only takedown indoor decorations.
    3. Plastic totes are available for aditional charge.
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