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Get to Know Us


How long has Home and Holiday Designs been in business? 
We have proudly operated for the last 15 years, consistently expanding and evolving to better serve our clients.

What is your service area?

We provide our services to locations within a 25-mile radius of Zip Code 20170. We may also travel beyond this area depending on the scope of the project and for an additional travel fee

What type of properties do you decorate?
Our expertise extends to various spaces, including homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, events, and more. We're versatile and equipped to tackle a wide range of decorating projects.

How long do installations usually take?

Installation times vary depending on project complexity. Generally, our installations are completed within 7 hours. Initial setups may take longer during the first year as we familiarize ourselves with your space and optimize the installation process.


Do I need to schedule taken down?

No scheduling is necessary. We create a well-organized calendar for takedowns, ensuring a swift and efficient removal process. However, weather conditions, particularly snow, might occasionally cause minor schedule adjustments.

How far in advance should we contact you to schedule our decorating date? 
We recommend reaching out as early as possible. The holiday decorating season is brief, and our slots tend to fill up rapidly. Many clients secure their next year's decorating date during current year installations.

Do we need to be present during installations or take down of decorations?
While your presence is not mandatory, you're more than welcome to be on-site. It's important to note that fewer people on the premises often results in quicker and more efficient work. For safety reasons, we kindly ask that pets be confined to a specific area while we're working. It helps keep them safe, reduces the risks of unintended accidents, and escaping from the house. 

Do you buy, rent, or lease the decorations?
We offer flexibility to accommodate your preferences. You can choose to have us purchase the decorations, rent them for a year, or opt for a three-year leasing arrangement, depending on your needs.

Do you store the decorations? 
For clients who opt for a leasing arrangement, we provide storage services. We carefully pack the decorations in plastic bins and store them in our warehouse until they're needed for the following year, ensuring their safety and longevity.

Does Home and Holiday Designs carry Liability Insurance? 
Yes, we are fully insured and carry Liability Insurance. If you require a Certificate of Insurance (COI), please let us know, and we'll be glad to provide it upon request.​

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Christmas Floral Arrangement

Let's Work Together

Please fell free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer all of your questions. 

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